After a initial research of your industry and a competitor analysis we shape a brand strategy which determines positioning, differentiation, the competitive advantage and a unique value proposition of your business.

By developing and deploying brand experience in all touch points, 360º approach to design increases brand awareness and builds customer loyalty.

  • Brand strategy
  • 360º approach

  • Positioning


Emotional design

Distinctive logo and a signature visual identity go a long way in helping to establish your brand and to leave elements of recognition on your audience’s mind.
A beautiful image always makes a great first impression. We fall in love with brands, rely on them and adhere to their values/ culture.
Brand imagery and message which emotionally resonate with the audience create a lifelong relationship.
We believe in emotional branding that embraces flair, sensory experiences and an innovative approach.

  • Visual Identity
  • Logo design
  • Identity guideline

  • Packaging
  • Signage, Display
  • Interior concept


Global “We”

Cyberspace has made us all global. Having an online presence is now crucial for brands and businesses both big and small.
Creating a responsive web design that works on all devices gives a more enjoyable experience for your visitor and better impact for a tech-enabled generation of online consumers (and yet easy to update and showcase a new product).
We deliver the scalable solution to fit in each phase of your evolving business.

  • Agile design approach
  • UX – User Experience friendly structure & Intuitive mode to display the content
  • Responsive design

  • Keep in touch – Direct Marketing
  • Newsletter campaign
  • Unify & Amplify – Social network campaign


Open your shop

The rise of online shopping encourages more and more businesses to optimise e-commerce.
The responsive design and friendly user experience in e-boutique platforms are the norm now for online shopping experience.
Keeping in mind the scalability of your project we design an agile e-commerce platform which suits and meets your short and long term business goals. We could also integrate an add-on e-boutique to your existing website.

  • Scalable E-shop platform
  • Development – Prestashop/Woo-Commerce

  • Maintenance – Back office tutorials
  • Daily monitoring/Regular updates/Security techniques
  • SEO – Website code and content optimisation

Art Direction

Story Styler

Brand’s own signature style and story which tells its culture, values and vision within one strong point of view.
We strive to design a visual narrative in combination with the most genuine tone of voice in the copy to tell the brand’s story. Palette of style could vary from the highly sophisticated fashion images to a very simple hand drawn illustration.

  • Brand imagery

  • Photographic Art direction

  • Illustrations


Portray your Brand

One picture speaks a thousand words, a fabulous way to tell your story
We value a distinctive and high quality imagery to portray your brand and products and also the individuals behind the scene in order to create an emotional connection. This encourages customers to identify with the brand.

Beautiful and engaging pictures create a welcoming online space that would make your visitors want to linger.

  • In house photo studio

  • Portraits – fashion & beauty

  • Still life – products
  • Interiors